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Institutions, corporate bodies and other interested organisations and individuals are welcome to place adverts on the Journals website and print copies of issues released.

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Nigerian (Naira) 60,000.00 50,000.00 75,000.00 65,000.00 90,000.00 80,000.00
Non-Nigerian (US dollars) 400.00 350.00 500.00 450.00 600.00 550.00

Adverts are placed online and in journal prints.
For conference/seminar and job adverts, the Journal charges 100 USD for 3 months. This is only placed online (adverts on print is optional).
Orders for advertisements are accepted with the understanding that if printing cost varies, the quoted advertising rates will vary accordingly. Three months' notice of such changes shall be given, at the expiration of which time the new rates will become effective.
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