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  Irrational Drug Use in Neuropathic Pain Treatment: A Two-Year Data Analysis
  Tan E, Akıncı A, Ayvaz G, Erbaş T, Ertaş M, Güç O, Hepgüler S, Kiraz S, Oşar SZ, Öztürk Ş, Özyalçın N.S, Palaoğlu S, Uyar M, Ünal S, Yalçın Ş; SNAPS Multidisciplinary Neuropathic Pain Study Group.
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  Neonatal jaundice and birth asphyxia as major causes of cerebral palsy in Nigeria: are doctors wrong beliefs and practices part of the problem?
  Okperi B.O
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  Statement of Retraction: Rao VLN, Bharathi K, Appalanaidu P, Naidu JM, Venkaiah M. “Common plants of medicinal values in kolams of Adilabad district, Andhra Pradesh”.
  Sofola O.A
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